This past week brought our family a miracle. Ted woke up last Thursday morning with symptoms of a heart attack. We called 911 and our local first responders came, followed by the ambulance from Ellett Memorial Hospital here in Appleton City. They immediately stabilized him and loaded him on life flight to Mercy Hospital in Springfield.  After two heart surgeries, he is much better and home. We were very, very lucky. We want to say how thankful we are to have an outstanding emergency crew so close by and the access of getting to another health facility quickly. As a small rural community we are blessed knowing that help is just a phone call away. Timing was critical and would have brought a much different outcome if we hadn’t had these services here. The simple words of “thank you” seem very inadequate, but we will say “Thank You” and please know that it comes from our hearts.

Ted & Cindy M, Appleton City - Taken from the Appleton City Journal

Huge Thank You to the staff at Appleton City Rural Health Clinic and Ellett Memorial Hospital.  Corbin spiked a high fever Friday afternoon and could not stay awake so up to the Clinic we went (thank you Dr. Dailey for squeezing us in).  While being seen he started having a little trouble with his breathing.  Ears looked good, strep, and flu tests came back negative.  Definitely an upper respiratory infection, possible pneumonia.  So it looked like we may need to take our first trip to Children’s Mercy.  We were sent over to the ER for blood work and chest x-ray.  The staff was amazing with Corbin!  Everything came back ok, looked to be just a viral infection.  We came home and treated with Tylenol and Ibuprofen and kept a close eye on it.  Thankfully he started feeling better yesterday!  Very scary afternoon for this momma!  Hated seeing my baby like that, but the staff was amazing, so it helped knowing they cared for my baby like their own! 

Sarah Eye