Ellett Memorial Hospital Emergency Room

Expert Care Close to Home

Ellett Memorial Hospital has a 24 hour Emergency Room which is staffed 24/7 will full time experienced ER doctors and supervised by our Emergency Medicine Board Certified ER Doctor with 16 years of experience.   Our ER offers 24 hour X-rays and CT Scans.  We also offer 24 hours labs with our newly updated lab equipment.

Ambulance parked in front of emergency room

In an emergency, your greatest chance for a short and complete recovery is getting to the nearest ER. At the Ellett Memorial Hospital Emergency Department, our highly skilled doctors and nurses stand ready to care for you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t take chances when you or a loved one experiences a medical crisis. Trust the emergency care team at Ellett Memorial Hospital. We maintain around the clock readiness for patients of all ages, receiving details about your condition en route if you come by ambulance. We are staffed with experienced physicians and we have a network of support from the surrounding areas, if the need of transferring to a larger hospital should arise.